Synthetic Fatliquor based on Sulfited high molecular weight Fatty alcohol esters.

Analytical Constants:

Active Content 60% ± 2%
pH of 10% Solution 6.0 to 6.5
Charge Anionic
Stability Stable to acid and salts under usual Tannery condition.
Appearance Reddish brown free flowing transparent liquid.


Synthol SRW gives fine emulsion with both hot and cold water which is reasonably stable to acids, salts & chrome. It can disperse upto 30% of its weight of raw oils. Its excellent lubrication capacity enables it to be used as a single Fatliquor even at the levels as high as 20% on the shaved weight without imparting greasiness. Its deep penetrating properties gives excellent softness with a waxy touch. In addition to its exceptional lubricating power, Synthol SRW also has good retanning properties thus giving additional fullness to all kinds of leathers.


Synthol SRW can be used to good advantage for all kinds of soft and sophisticated leathers specially upholstery leather based on buffalo or cow. It can be used for Goat, Sheep & Cow Nappa leathers and Cow Softies.